Night Night

For about a month now you have been sleeping in our bed, when it’s time for bed you insist on having mum and dad in bed with you. You line your teddy bears up at the bottom of the bed then put your head on my pillow say "Night Night mummy" and give her a kiss then "night night daddy" in the sweetest of voices, you kiss me then put your arm across me for a cuddle and our faces touch. Frequently you wake up and rearrange the teddy bears in a line against the head board. Hayden's panda, Hayden’s Rabbit, Daddy's Panda, Daddy's rabbit then Mummy's fish. Then go back to sleep. More frequently you have a bad dream and kick out which normally lands on your mum's face or mine whilst your eyes are still closed you throw a punch my way. I then put you at the bottom of the bed and you fall back off to sleep.