New Years Eve

A leisurely day at home, then whilst mum had her nails done late afternoon Hayden and I quickly popped to the toy shop to buy pop up pirate to play in the evening. We then drove up to St.Johns to go to the pub with the children’s jungle gym. Only the two of us at first so we had free reign of the gym. As it got busier Hayden played on it with the bigger children for the first time and went all the way to the top on his own.

He did get knocked once and I decided not to assist him, so he kissed his own knees better got up and carried on. So cute.

Back to town picked mum up and the Thai takeaway went home and had a great night eating, drinking playing pop up pirate which Hayden loved and dancing. This was the first time Hayden really wanted to dance nonstop. The funniest was when he ran towards me flung himself at me then we span round whilst his eye were closed and tucked his legs in behind him like a real dancer.

Looking forward to 2016