No matter what time of the day, one of Hayden’s most enjoyable past times in spending time in his bath. The bath time process goes along the below lines…..

Taking off clothes to get in the bath, he has a sense that a bath may be coming.

Hearing the bath fill up he knows his lucks in.

Being carried to the bathroom = big smiles

He has a quick look in the mirror to see what he looks like since the last time he saw himself, he doesn't seem vain and wonders why his not in the bath yet.

Getting into the bath = a look of sheer delight

Then its playtime, he kicks and splashes his legs in excitement. The more water he seems to get on his face the better. The ducks come out and its party time!

Next he demands that he gets hosed down with the shower head. First his body followed by his head and face.

Getting out of the bath brings screams of what the hell are you doing! But he can only stay in the bath so long before turning into a prune.