Hayden loves to help out in the home from washing the clothes and dishes to his latest game making coffee in the Espresso machine.

He open the machine adds a capsule adds a sugar to the cup he knows mum doesn’t have milk and dad does. Presses the go button then stirs it slowly saying “no mess” the first time he stirred it too fast and made a mess.

After completing this he is so happy with himsel that he has done something for us.

His such a thoughtful boy.

New Years Eve

A leisurely day at home, then whilst mum had her nails done late afternoon Hayden and I quickly popped to the toy shop to buy pop up pirate to play in the evening. We then drove up to St.Johns to go to the pub with the children’s jungle gym. Only the two of us at first so we had free reign of the gym. As it got busier Hayden played on it with the bigger children for the first time and went all the way to the top on his own.

He did get knocked once and I decided not to assist him, so he kissed his own knees better got up and carried on. So cute.

Back to town picked mum up and the Thai takeaway went home and had a great night eating, drinking playing pop up pirate which Hayden loved and dancing. This was the first time Hayden really wanted to dance nonstop. The funniest was when he ran towards me flung himself at me then we span round whilst his eye were closed and tucked his legs in behind him like a real dancer.

Looking forward to 2016

Night Night

For about a month now you have been sleeping in our bed, when it’s time for bed you insist on having mum and dad in bed with you. You line your teddy bears up at the bottom of the bed then put your head on my pillow say "Night Night mummy" and give her a kiss then "night night daddy" in the sweetest of voices, you kiss me then put your arm across me for a cuddle and our faces touch. Frequently you wake up and rearrange the teddy bears in a line against the head board. Hayden's panda, Hayden’s Rabbit, Daddy's Panda, Daddy's rabbit then Mummy's fish. Then go back to sleep. More frequently you have a bad dream and kick out which normally lands on your mum's face or mine whilst your eyes are still closed you throw a punch my way. I then put you at the bottom of the bed and you fall back off to sleep.


Hayden went trick or treating with ethan and seren.  He can't say trick.. So he said treat or treat 



off to work and you grab your coat also,  not wanting me to leave without you xxx

Wish I could stay home with you x

Favourite First Words

nar which means car.  He knows it's car but is refusing to say car. 

Danda = panda

Roar = dinosaur  

Dew = drink


Um you = thank you 

Ish = fish  

Yes peas = yes please


In there  








New Haircut skilfully carried out by Mum & Dad with a beard trimmer


It's frustrating for Hayden he is desperate to talk, for now he asks for what he wants by pointing, mainly towards the fridge he can say "me" which somehow means please and "more" which means more :)

He pulls a desperate face as if he has not eaten in years looks at the fridge and goes "me" more" me"


So Ciara has a small Dog called Bubba, named after Bubba from the Movie "Forest Gump". 

Now when ever he sees a dog he calls out "Bubba, Bubba"

Far to cute